What is the Blind Rivet?

A smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one end. A Rivet is used to permanently hold two pieces of material together once it is placed into a punched or pre-drilled hole. Blind Rivets are so called because they are designed to be installed from one side of the work area by a Single Operator.

What are the main advantages of a Blind Rivets?

1. Improved Product Design., 2. Improved Design Strength. 3. Quick Assembly. 4. Lower Installation Cost. 5. Lower Inventory Cost. 6. Better Quality Joints.

What type of rivet materials produced by Ornit?

Blind Rivets produced by Ornit are making from different materials as Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel.

How to select the right rivets?

There are five basic factors to be considered in selecting the right rivet for particular application: 1. Rivet Size., 2. Strength., 3. Rivet Material.,        4. Rivet Coating., 5. Rivet Head Stile.

Where to buy Ornit's product?

Ornit's distributes its products via a network of outlets. Please ask us for the nearest ornit business partner or contact Ornit directly.

Are there any minimum purchasing quantities or markups for small-volume purchases for products from Ornit's catalog?

There is no MOQ. one box is the minimum purchasing requirement.

What is the delivery time for purchased items from Ornit's catalog?

Generally most of products from the catalogue are on stock. Ornit's have two (2) Logistic Centers, one in Europe (Netherlands) and second one in USA (Detroit) and can supply the ordered products from them.

 What type of Riveting Tools can be supplied by Ornit?

Ornit can supply different solutions of Riveting Tools (Pneumatic Tools, Pneudraulic Tools, Hydraulic Tools, Battery Powered Tools, Ergonomic Split Systems and Power Units).

 If I need custom made solution for own application, can I get Ornit's support for that?  

Ornit provide complete service for custom made inquiries for different applications all the time and we will be glad to assist you to have your own solution for requested application.

I need solution for automotive industry; do you have ISO/TS 16949 certification?


Ornit manufacturers in compliance with the IFI and DIN standards according the products. Ornit's dedication to performance excellence has led us to be awarded with the ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001:2000 certifications

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